Other Services

Single Farm Payments

A full service provided in all aspects of Single Farm Payments including completion of application forms (these are done on line and we have agency authority from the Rural Payments Agency to do so), Entitlement sale and transfer and general advice on the maintenance of Single Farm Payments and how Cross Compliance can affect farming operations.

Nitrogen Vulnerable Zones (NVZs)

Advice and calculations provided on how these regulations affect specific farms.

Agri Environment Schemes

Full assistance is given with applications for stewardship and similar schemes.


Access to the latest Ordnance Survey mapping together with historic maps which may be require for comparison purposes.


Advice on latest levels of rentals and current thoughts within a rapidly changing industry.


Feed In Tarriffs (FiTs) have been taken up by many property owners whether the product of solar panels, a turbine, or other forms of production of electricity.  We can advise on agreements being offered and the impact of installations in general.


The right to claim compensation usually arises when new public infrastructure works are built.
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Hinson Parry Members of:

  • RICS — The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors
  • NFU — National Farmers' Union