Expert Witness

Expert witness reports are a vital element in the machinery of the legal process.  We regularly receive instructions to provide expert witness reports, either to assist in the preparation of a case as an expert or, as the Courts more commonly require, as a single joint expert appointment to advise in disputes between litigants.

Reports are required for a variety of purposes.  They may be valuation reports which are needed in matrimonial disputes and similar, they may relate to a boundary dispute where specialist contractors are brought in to provide accurate measurements with state of the art equipment, they may concern the condition of a building, planning matters or compensation.

The Partners are experienced expert witnesses having provided reports to the Courts on a variety of matters over a number of years.

Bill Parry is an accredited expert and holds the Advanced Professional Award in Expert Witness Evidence.


The right to claim compensation usually arises when new public infrastructure works are built.
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  • RICS — The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors
  • NFU — National Farmers' Union