Arbitration is a long established method of resolving disputes and is governed by the rules in the Arbitration Act 1996 (as amended).  Agricultural arbitrations are held where a landlord and tenant disagree on a rent alteration but may also come about following a dispute over works to be done on a farm, repairs, end of tenancy compensation, etc.   An arbitration will usually involve a hearing with the parties having provided written arguments, known as Statements of Case, prior.  An arbitration is part of the judicial process and is formal.

Many appointments of arbitrators are to give the parties a little further time  to reach agreement, after a prescribed date, and do not reach a hearing but are settled prior.

John Hinson is a member of the Panel of Arbitrators of the RICS, the appointing body in England and Wales, and receives regular appointments from the President to act as an arbitrator.


The right to claim compensation usually arises when new public infrastructure works are built.
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Hinson Parry Members of:

  • RICS — The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors
  • NFU — National Farmers' Union