The Process

Advice in relation to compulsory purchase and compensation matters starts the moment any scheme is announced.  In the case of pipelines, the first contact that a landlowner has may be from a utility company or their agents wishing to carry out a survey of the land to see whether or not the route is acceptable.

It may then be some time before statutory notices are served but it is important to contact us at the outset so that we may have an input into, for example, the route of the proposed works, access arrangements and the such like.

It is imperative that landowners be aware what their rights are and what compensation provisions may be in the event the scheme proceeds on the announced route.

We will advise you of any rights you have, discuss and agree any works necessary to protect your interest and liaise with you throughout the construction period.

In the event that there is a professional dispute with the acquiring authority as to the amount of the claim or a point of law, we will be able to advise on taking you claim through to disputes resolution via mediation, the Lands Tribunal or the Courts.

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